How To: Build a Simple Soup Can Forge & Hammer Out Your Own Homemade Steel Knife

Build a Simple Soup Can Forge & Hammer Out Your Own Homemade Steel Knife

The following video demonstrates how a simple and inexpensive forge can be made using little more than a soup can and plaster.

A propane torch acts as the fuel source, allowing the forge to heat steel plenty hot, which can be worked into a knife as demonstrated in this second video.

With further refinement in my metalworking skill, I look forward to seeing what this very simple forge is capable of in the future.

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That is pretty awesome :P Thanks for sharing.

Really nice work on that knife for a first try with a very awesome DIY Forge. I never realized it could be that simple, but considering how old and fundamental the metalworking profession is, I guess it makes sense. I like how you managed to get that cool shape for of the knife by accident!

It was quite easy. Since posting the video there have been quite a few helpful comments on YouTube to improve the process by using better steel and tempering the blade.

so basicly If I get a bigger version of that fire breathing thing I could make my own sword?

Yes indeed.

What are you using for an anvil? sorry if it says in the video someone screwed up my speakers.

A bench vice. Most vices have an anvil surface on them.

Amazing job! Keep up the great work!

Can you use a commercial #10 can to hold a small crucible to melt

To melt down gold ore. Would you need a. Second torch to maintain 2000 degrees? It would be much cheaper than any kiln I've seen on the market.

well done for having a crack and getting a result that works

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