How To: Turn Empty Water Bottles into Alcohol-Fueled Rockets

Turn Empty Water Bottles into Alcohol-Fueled Rockets

If you have read any of my previous articles or viewed the many videos I have published, it's quite clear that I appreciate a good rocket or fiery projectile. The following video will certainly not lessen that reputation.

Using very inexpensive and common materials, this video will demonstrate how to make a launcher for water bottle rockets fueled with common drug store isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.

The cost of this project should be no more than $15, and the water bottles make excellent rockets that can be reused many times before the repeated launches warp the plastic.

The heat from the launch can be mildly uncomfortable, especially if any liquid alcohol is left in the bottle at launch so the creator must keep that in mind. Non-synthetic cotton or leather gloves are recommended, and safety glasses are of course a must with any projectile.

Be sure to leave feedback here or on YouTube! Thanks for reading.

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ive seen ur other vids and u r really awesome

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