How To: Make Fireworks with Marshmallows

Make Fireworks with Marshmallows

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make some Fourth of July fireworks using marshmallows. If sparklers are unavailable or illegal in your area, marshmallows make for a great alternative (and make a great snack while you're working).

For brief written instructions, make sure to jump down below the video.

First, you will need a sparkler composition, then grab large marshmallows. The sparkler composition ratio I used is:

  • potassium nitrate - 6
  • granular magnesium - 4
  • charcoal - 1

It is possible that course aluminum could be substituted for the Mg (magnesium). Many other compositions are also able to be bound using this method.

Knead your marshmallow into the composition until it turns into a molding clay. Keep working at this until the entire marshmallow is in the composition. When finished, take a sparkler stick and place a ball of the composition onto it. Then, roll it down the stick with your hands. If it starts to get sticky again, use charcoal to put onto it.

When you're finished, you can light the sparkler on fire and enjoy! Be careful, though, because if there is too much composition on the marshmallow the flame will be extremely high.

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