How To: Make a High Velocity, Aerosol-Fueled Vortex Cannon

Make a High Velocity, Aerosol-Fueled Vortex Cannon

For a number of years, I have had a vortex cannon on the top of my list of projects to attempt. Creating a sturdy cone for the barrel has always been a hurdle in the design, one I finally found a solution for in this video.

High power vortex cannons have been used commercially for a number of years to protect farm land from hail damage. These "hail cannons" function by firing large vortex rings at high velocity into the clouds to disrupt ice crystal formation before it starts. My design was based on the same functional qualities.

There have been some pretty ambitious designs built around vortex cannons historically. German scientists during WWII attempted to create a cannon powerful enough that it could snap the wings off allied aircraft as they passed over on bombing runs. Like many of Germany's doomsday weapons of the time period, it never had a chance to be put in action, perhaps fortunately so.

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