How To: Make a $4 BB Gun and Airsoft Flamethrower

Make a $4 BB Gun and Airsoft Flamethrower

Last week, I introduced a project that demonstrated how a BB machine gun could be made out of a soda bottle using only a handful of readily available parts. If you missed it, you can check out that project here before reading on.

While the first version of this machine gun requires an air compressor to fire, in the following video I will be demonstrating two modifications that do not.

Both modifications made in the above video can be used remotely. The first model requires no powered air supply whatsoever, and is only limited by the user's strength. Many hundreds of shots can be fired before a refill of the pellets is needed. The bottle may eventually wear out, but the cap with the barrel assembly attached can be easily switched over to a new bottle at any time. You even get a free drink out of the deal when you buy a replacement.

The backpack modification does require an air pump of one kind or another to refill. It may still be pressurized using an air compressor, or if not available, a bicycle pump can be a more affordable substitute.

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This is great. The first one is so simple. How many BBs can the "flamethrower" version shoot before the PVC tank needs refilled with air?

Hundreds and hundreds for sure. Peak pressure drops within a few seconds, but it will fire at a steady pace for 15 or 20 seconds after that.

That's not bad. Actually better than I was thinking. Thanks.

Yeh,....That's pretty cool. Now all you have to do is hook a bike pump up to the fill valve and leave it connected. Hook to the back pack some how and when you start to run out, just start pumping to do a fast recharge. Or better yet have your bud pump it for you so you can keep that suppressing fire going!

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