How To: Make a cremora fireball for special effects explosions

Make a cremora fireball for special effects explosions

Does your low-budget film need an explosion, a fireball explosion? This video tutorial shows how to build a simple cremora (fireball) and safely use it. There are many filming techniques, you'll have to figure them out on your own though.

This video is for pyrotechnic special effects for film or video or something else. These cremoras simulate a fireball explosion for use in the movies. You'll need black powder, tissue paper, and other firework materials.

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luv the idea, put instead of using charcoal i would either use fine flour, or corn flour there more finer you can get more in and they are more flamibal... but amazing! thanks ;)

what was it that he used to stuff in the small peice of paper in the beginning. Looked like a black dildo/anal plug.

@killer 12345654321 that was just a screwdriver...
great video!

what was the "black powder" that he put in at the start?

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