How To: Make electric igniters from Christmas lights

Make electric igniters from Christmas lights

This video shows us how to make quick and cheap ematches from Christmas Lights.

• First we need to break the top of the Christmas bulb tubes without damaging the filament inside.
• You can use a file for this procedure. Rub the tip of the bulb on the edge of the file till it breaks off.
• Now for the filling process, take a small amount of freshly milled black powder and put it gently into the tube over the filament. Tap it down and fill in till the powder reaches a little below the rim of the tube.
• Take a tiny piece of cotton and place on top of the tube such that you cover the top of the bulb.
• Now take a piece of tape and stick it on the top of the tube such that to cover the top and there your ematch is ready.
• Then you can fire the ematch with a single AA battery connected to the filaments of the bulb.
• Be careful as it may be dangerous. When wiring a display be sure that all power sources are first disconnected from the firing board and all capacitors, if any, are discharged.

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