How To: Make a Paper Crossbow

Make a Paper Crossbow

Quite often I work on projects that require a lot of waiting around for glue or solvents to dry. It was in such a time that I came up with this little crossbow. I saw that some of the top search engine requests were how to make paper weaponry, and yet there were few results worth viewing. I then sat down and got to work.

This crossbow uses tension on bent tubes of printer paper to throw a pencil or pen a very respectable distance, upwards of 50 feet. Paper tubes when bent in such a way would usually tear, but I found that a little clear tape was enough to prevent that from happening.

This is not a very complex project compared to some of the others that I've worked on, but every now and then I like to make something that everyone is capable of.

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this is pretty nifty. i just completed it and my girls love it. i had to substitute the twine with yarn tho but it works great :)

Very cool, glad it worked out for you.

can you substitute the twine for string?

Can you miss Jute Twine ?

Any string will work.

what kind of rope that you usein the crossbow?

How long does to string/twine have to be?

Please Reply As Soon As Possible

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